Talk: Pentester's Mindset

Speaker 1


I will represent multiple case studies to convey the message that if you think limited, you will be limited. Bug bounty approach has degraded the quality of penetration testing, for both the customers as well as the practitioners. It is hard for the customer to differentiate between a good penetration testing and a quick and dirty top-10 or top-25 approach.

Ravikumar is a Senior Manager at Net Square, providing cutting edge information security services to clients around the globe. He has an M.C.A. from UTU University. He has more than seven years of experience starting from web application developer and information security. His work bug hunting and responsible disclosure have led him into the top 50 Google Vulnerability Reward Program also include Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and many more. He has been performing Web Application, iOS, and Android pentest and leads Net Square’s professional services team. Ravikumar has led the evolution of Net-Square's capability from doing application architecture audits to application pen testing to performing hybrid attacks testing which also includes performing red teaming.