Workshop: Dynamic Instrumentation

Speaker 1


The speaker is going to conduct a hands-on instrumentation workshop on android using Frida. Frida is a popular instrumentation framework that is really helpful in the dynamic analysis of Android apps.

  • Key learning objectives
    • Interacting with application
    • Analyzing loaded resources in the memory
    • Identifying triggered methods
    • Manipulating methods with custom logic
    • Bypass advance client-side checks
    • Objection powered by frida
  • Utilities/Software Requirements
    • Python
    • Frida
    • Text editor (e.g. Notepad++)
    • Genymotion
    • Virtualbox
  • System Requirements
    • Linux or Windows 7/8/10
  • Hardware Requirements
    • Laptop (Min. 8GB RAM)

Mr. Bhargav Gajera is Security Analyst at Net Square. He has completed his B.TECH from Chandubhai S Patel Institute of Technology, CHARUSAT in Computer Engineering.