Workshop: Advanced Wireless Reconnaissance and Testing

Speaker 1


The speaker is going to conduct a hands-on workshop on Wireless Reconnaissance using Open source wireless frequency analyzer. And also conduct wireless perimeter security.

  • Key learning objectives
    • Perform wardriving and warwalking
    • Scanning wireless spectrum
    • Identifying wireless frequencies
    • Identifying and isolating rougue wireless devices
  • Utilities/Software Requirements
    • Kismet
    • Virtualbox
    • Python
    • RF Explorer
  • System Requirements
    • Linux or Windows 7/8/10
  • Hardware Requirements
    • Laptop (Min. 8GB RAM)

Mr. Rohit Jadav has been working on various Information security projects and manages a team of security analysts. Well versed with approach and methodology used to perform penetration testing and he also contributes towards various types of researching and analyzing on new security threats and countermeasures, to keep enhancing and upgrading testing methodologies.

- 4.5 + years experience working in Information security services.
- Performed Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing(VAPT) on various business and banking applications.
- Conducted vulnerability assessment of Wireless networks and network devices in multiple locations.