CloudShield: Essential AWS Security Fundamentals & Foundational Training for Cloud Protection



Presenting our comprehensive AWS Basic Cloud Training Program, which has been thoughtfully designed to lay the groundwork for your rise to the top of cloud computing. In order to properly explore the foundations of AWS and to establish a strong foundation knowledege.

  • Who Should Attend
    • College students and individuals who are starting their journey into the cloud and Amazon Web Services. This includes those with limited or no prior experience in cloud computing, making it an ideal choice for beginners.
  • Key learning objectives
    • Participants can expect a comprehensive introduction to cloud computing and AWS, covering key concepts, services, and practical hands-on exercises. The training will equip them with the foundational knowledge to deploy and secure applications in the cloud.
  • Prerequisite Knowledge
    • Basics of computer/networking.
  • Utilities/Software Requirements
    • Working laptop with AWS free tier account.
  • What Students will be provided
    • Code to deploy the web application
    • Script to create the resources in your AWS environment
    • Guidence and support throught the training
  • Agenda
  • Module 1: Introduction to Cloud & AWS

    • Overview of Cloud Computing.
    • Cloud Service Models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.
    • AWS Shared Responsibility Model.
    • AWS Global Infrastructure Overview.
    • Evolution of Cloud Computing, Use Cases, and Benefits.

    Module 2: Introduction AWS Services & AWS CLI

    • Overview of AWS common services [VPC, EC2, S3, IAM, Lambda, Route53, RDS/DynamoDB, CloudWatch].
    • Use Cases for Each Service.
    • Interacting with AWS CLI (Command Line Interface) - Hands-on Exercise.

    Module 3: Invoking Resources and Leveraging Misconfiguration (Hands-On)

    • Identifying Misconfigurations in EC2 Instance.
    • Identifying Misconfigurations in S3 Bucket.
    • Identifying Misconfigurations in Lambda.
    • Identifying Misconfigurations in Route53.
    • Identifying Misconfigurations in IAM.
  • CTF
    • Identify the misconfiguration and leverage it to gain unauthorized access.
  • What not to expect
  • This training is focused on basic to intermediate levels of cloud knowledge. Participants should not expect in-depth, advanced topics or extensive coverage of specialized use cases. It serves as an entry point to AWS, emphasizing fundamental concepts and best practices.

Mr. Jay Patel, serving as a Security Analyst/Team Lead at Net Square, is a dynamic professional with a robust background in systems and cloud infrastructure. He actively contributes to Null Ahmedabad, where he holds the role of chapter leader in India's largest open security community. Jay's journey, evolving from a System Administrator to DevOps and Security Analyst, reflects his diverse skill set and commitment to advancing cybersecurity.