CloudShield: Foundational Training for Cloud Protection


Presenting our comprehensive AWS Basic Cloud Training Program, which has been thoughtfully designed to lay the groundwork for your rise to the top of cloud computing. In order to properly explore the foundations of AWS and to establish a strong foundation knowledege.

  • Who Should Attend
    • Experienced professionals who has some exposure to AWS and seeking to deepen their knowledge of advanced security concepts, enhance their skills, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving cloud security landscape.
  • Prerequisite Knowledge
    • Somewhat familiriaty with clouds and their working.
  • Utilities/Software Requirements
    • Working laptop with AWS free tier account.
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  • What Students will be provided
    • Code to deploy the web application
    • Script to create the resources in your AWS environment
    • Guidence and support throught the training
  • Agenda
  • Module 1: Advanced IAM Concepts and Best Practices

    • Quick Introduction on IAM Roles and Policies Refresher.
    • Advanced IAM Features
    • IAM Best Practices for Organization Security
    • Case Studies: IAM Security Incidents and Solutions

    Module 2: Advanced Networking and VPC Security

    • VPC Peering and Transit Gateway
    • Advanced Networking Concepts (e.g., Route 53 Resolver)
    • Security Best Practices for VPCs
    • Case Study: VPC Design for High Security

    Module 3: Data Security and Encryption

    • AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Deep Dive
    • Encryption at Rest and in Transit
    • AWS Secrets Manager and Parameter Store
    • Case Study: Implementing Data Encryption

    Module 4: AWS Security Services Overview

    • AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) for Web Application Security
    • AWS Shield for DDoS Protection
    • AWS Inspector for Automated Security Assessments
    • Case Studies: Real-world Scenarios with AWS Security Services

    Module 5: Incident Response and Monitoring

    • AWS CloudTrail for Auditing and Logging
    • AWS CloudWatch for Monitoring
    • Incident Response in AWS
    • Tabletop Exercise: Simulating an Incident Response Scenario
  • What not to expect
  • You will become cloud wizard overnight.


Mr. Dilip Yadav is Manager - Professional services at Net square. He has done MCA from NIT, Bhopal. He has 5+ years of experience as a security analyst & team lead, he is well versed with Web, Mobile, Network Pentesting. He has been engaged with multiple National and International clients from industries such as finance, telecom, software. He comes from a web development background, he will share his experince as a maker and breaker both in his talk: Code Review Approach.


Mr. Jay Patel, serving as a Security Analyst/Team Lead at Net Square, is a dynamic professional with a robust background in systems and cloud infrastructure. He actively contributes to Null Ahmedabad, where he holds the role of chapter leader in India's largest open security community. Jay's journey, evolving from a System Administrator to DevOps and Security Analyst, reflects his diverse skill set and commitment to advancing cybersecurity.


Mr. Bhushan Barde is a Security Analyst at Net Square. He has completed his BE in Computer Science from Pune university. He has command over Web, API, and Network Pentesting. He has been a part of our NSCE training program and has evolved into a dynamic team member. He is currently working as a part of our cloud assessment team.